Here you can find comparative performance and comfort analyses relating to different projects with which the central and specific issues concerning energy-optimised construction have been investigated. For this purpose, the large scientific database created from the many EnOB model projects is used to develop responses to highly specific and practically oriented issues concerning new-build schemes, refurbishments and optimisation of operations. A new aspect here is the analysis of costs and financial viability. 

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EnOB-Analyse: Wärmebrücken bei hinterlüfteten Fassaden: Glasfassade des KfW-Büroturms in Frankfurt am Main

03. Apr 2014 - Thermal bridges behind curtain walls

With increasing thermal insulation, the energy-related assessment of discrete thermal bridges caused by the fixing system becomes significant with ventilated curtain walls. The calculations show that the type of substructure, number of brackets per square metre, bracket geometry, thickness of the insulating layer and its thermal conductivity are of considerable importance for attaining the thermal protection achieved.

Erdwärmeanalyse: Hier ist die Energiebereitstellung des Luft-Erdwärme-Übertragers im Jahresverlauf am Beispiel des Institutsneubaus des Fraunhofer ISE zu sehen.

09. Nov 2013 - The ground as a heat source and heat sink

Nearly 30% of the EnOB model projects use the ground as a heat source or heat sink. This analysis shows which system versions are now currently being used to heat or cool buildings with the help of the ground and how they prove themselves in practice, whereby energy efficiency, performance and the problem of soil fatigue are investigated for the different system versions. In addition, design-relevant aspects shall also be highlighted.

10. Sep 2010 - Performance of buildings across the year

By means of inter-project and comparative performance and comfort analyses, the large scientific database derived from the many EnOB model projects is being used to develop answers to very specific and practical issues regarding new buildings and renovation projects. This analysis will enable the performance of various new buildings from the "EnBau" research area and several refurbishment projects from the "EnSan" research area to be compared with one another using energy consumption values.

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07. May 2009 - Workplace satisfaction and comfort

There are many reasons why a high degree of satisfaction with one’s workplace is important and is perhaps even a decisive criterion for the quality of a building. Up until now, this subject has not been given much attention in practice, but has been monitored from a scientific viewpoint. Planners, investors and users of building projects are now beginning to focus more strongly on this ‘satisfaction’.

Concrete core temperature control - The tubing lies stably between lower and upper reinforcement.

06. Mar 2008 - Concrete core temperature control

The analysis takes a look at the following aspects: How flexibly can the buildings be used when concrete core temperature control is deployed? How energy-efficient are the thermally inertial surface cooling and surface heating systems? What are the prerequisites for the concept to be economically viable? What level of comfort is actually achieved? Here, the analysis is based on scientific studies of various ENBau pilot projects in which the building performance was evaluated in detail during actual operation using long-term monitoring.

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